Our Products

PRG is one of the largest manufacturers of Stampings and Laminations in India with a capacity of 35000 tonnes per annum, producing and delivering a large variety of stampings and laminations for a multitude of electrical motors (HT & LT), pumps, alternators, transformers and ceiling fans. We also support our customers with ancillary needs, such as fan covers and stator windings, and not just limited to that.

Over 800 types of stamping lamination designs are available to chose from for which tools are readily available at our plant. Apart from this, tools are continuously developed to meet the customization requirements as per customer’s specifications and drawings.

The Company is manufacturing auto-stacked and auto-skewed rotors and stators upto 250 frame size. Complete flexibility is offered for cleating/auto stacking/welding of stators as required per application by the customer.

We manufacture aluminum die cast rotors with a shot of 60Kgs of aluminium per rotor with frame size ranging from 63-355. We also accommodate customer’s requirements and specifications.

PRG is a pioneer in growth and has been continuously adding new lines to assist the customers. The company is manufacturing and supplying aluminium ceiling fan cover as well as sheet metal with CNC machining and powder coating in remarkable quantities to large multinational companies.
Additionally, ceiling fan stator winding is also done by the company.