The company has its own automatic coil slitting line that is capable of slitting steel coils up to 1300mm width.
In house slitting facility helps the company to have control over the raw material right from the start and to run the production lines uninterrupted.


PRG has a considerable range of mechanical presses ranging from 30T to 250T and 6 auto fed high speed progressive stamping presses, imported from Taiwan and China, with capacity from 80T to 300T and capability to manufacture stampings upto 400mm OD. The company regularly invests in the development of progressive dies for stamping of upto 600mm OD.
The company has hugely invested in 9 high speed CNC notching machines , out of which, 5 are Schuler Notching Machines (imported from Germany). It is pertinent to add here that the Schuler machines are unique and best in the world and are capable of punching upto 1100 mm OD.


We have an extensive in house die casting facility with numerous vertical and horizontal die casting machines (80T to 350T) with capacity to handle 100g to 60kg of aluminum. The machines are capable of die casting rotors from 63-355 frame size in different polarities and core lengths.
Close monitoring of our furnaces ensures high quality of molten metal, which translates to both high conductivity and tight control of porosity.


PRG has automatic stator winding machines for ceiling fans. The automatic set up helps the company to meet high quality standards. The dual drive machines used for winding are capable of doing two different windings at a time.
Application: 12, 14 and 16 pole as per the requirement.

Fan Cover Die Casting

With more than 40 years of experience in this domain, we have expertise in manufacturing and supplying a highly durable range of Pressure die casted Aluminium and sheet metal Ceiling Fan Covers with option of CNC machining and powder coating.
Design and colour can be fully customized as per customer’s requirements.


The company has pit type furnaces for heat treating stator. Annealing helps to ensure proper grain structure growth for lower core loss and improved permeability to enhance the electrical properties of the laminations. The process also increases inter-laminar resistance by adding an oxide coating & relieves stamping stress.


One of the major strengths of the company is its state-of-art Tool Room that is fully equipped with the most advanced tool manufacturing and design facilities. Machines like Sodik, Fanuc Wire Cut, CNC turning, Jig Boring, Jig grinding etc help in manufacturing and maintenance of our precise tools.
Our in house Tool Room is capable of manufacturing tools of size upto 2000 x 700mm and gives us a competitive advantage in development of toolings. New tools are continuously developed and imported from Germany, Taiwan and China to meet specific customer requirements.
With the diligent efforts of our technical team, the company has developed numerous high speed progressive tools running with spm of 400 thereby transferring the benefit of low production costs to the customers in the form of low prices and faster deliveries.